About Me


Hello! My name is Jeff Wolfson and welcome to my site. First and for most, you must be wondering about my last name. I get it a lot, and most of the time it happens when the helmet comes off.  Long story short my father was adopted into a family. So now that we got the straightened out. I am half Korean and Vietnamese and I couldn’t be more happy with the diversity of my wild ethnicity. Aside from that, I am a pretty stand up guy, I am very observant so most of the time you’ll see me awkwardly standing alone watching the people and activities around me in order to fully understand how I can best manage my time while doing what I love. I am very dedicated and I believe if you’re going to go for it, then do it to the fullest. I have a “LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST”  attitude from which i get from my Korean father. My father is the type of person that makes the most of what he has and prides himself on doing things to the fullest if you’re going to do it at all. I am also very humble from which I greatly appreciate from my Vietnamese mother. Shes the reason why I believe in letting you’re actions speak for itself. A small advice ill give you….Get to know me first before you judge me, because once you break open my shell, you’ll never run into a dull moment with me around. I love helping people that need it the most and appreciate it. Which is why I’m aspiring to become a fire fighter.  I also love showing people respect that deserve it because I am very big on treating people how I would like to be treated. So treat me well and ill treat you better. I am a down to earth gear head. I love everything and anything that has a motor and wheels. I used to do a lot of road racing and tried juggling both road racing and drifting at one point, but I found my true love in drifting. Currently thanks to Golden Gate Drift Pro-Am I am making my way into my second year of Formula Drift Pro Series. With the help of my good friends, family and sponsors we’ll charge hard this 2015 Formula D Season! This website will be following my Formula D car build exclusively along with random thoughts from no one else, but yours truly.

Thank you for your time!

-Jeff Wolfson #47


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